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Beachfit Glute Toner

Tora Fitness Peachy Bum Toner

We all know how hard it is to wake up early and go to a gym to get our work out done right? 

All of us, women, have one desire in common which is a curvy bum and hips... The Tora Fitness Peachy Bum Toner is a powerful bum and hip toner, which not only helps to tone and firm your bum, but also helps to melt away stubborn cellulite.

Thanks to the advanced EMS technology, which is currently being used in massage, acupuncture, tapping, and more by the leading experts.

How To Use The Tora Fitness Peachy Bum Toner:

1. Use your nail or a coin to turn the battery cover.

2. Insert 2 AAA batteries, make sure they’re facing the right way.

3. Connect the main device to the gel pad.

4. Attach it to your waist.

5. Press the desired button to start the exercise. Push the ON/+ to increase intensity. There are 6 modes and 10 intensities are optional to help fat burning and muscle growth. Each EMS machine can be adjusted individually. You can select different mode and intensity respectively to meet your desired muscle training effect.

6. An indicator light will flash 3 times and will auto turn off about 5 seconds later if you do not attach it to your body.

Precaution: The equipment should not be used under the following conditions.

• People with an internal transplant, or any type of electronic devices such as an artificial heart transplant etc.

• Not advisable for patients who recently had a surgery on the ab or arm area as it may interfere with the healing process

• Heart problems

• Patients with epilepsy

• While driving

• Blood circulation disorder

• Pregnant and postpartum woman

• Patients with cancer

• Allergic reaction to hydrogel pads

• Do not put near an oven or fire to avoid damage to the machine


• You will not see and feel the contraction unless you stick the device to your skin.

• Colour may vary based on availability